Covid-19 support

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Higher ed operations are far from business-as-usual. As you adapt, please know that Evisions is here to help – at no charge and with no contracts or commitments necessary

Examples of ways we are currently helping institutions include:

Building Argos DataBlocks, or creating dashboards, for MAPS management and student communication.

Leveraging the CADMUS data access tool so key stakeholders can get quick, remote access to critical data.

Utilizing various FormFusion and IntelleCheck modules to give you the ability to create and deliver documents electronically.

See what’s already available in our Evisions COVID-19 Community Response Page.
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Tell us how we can help:

Evisions’ intent is to respond to all requests that we receive. We will work with each client to determine an appropriate scope of services and/or time frame for licenses that will enable a school to address any COVID-19 disruption.

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Focusing exclusively on the needs of colleges and universities since 1998, we have a deep understanding and appreciation for the needs and challenges of running a Higher Education institution.

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Built and optimized for administrators, our solutions help you stay on top of your many tasks and responsibilities, reduce hassle and waste, and work more efficiently.

Argos: Enterprise Reporting
Get timely, accurate information and data through reporting made simple.

FormFusion: Document Enhancement

Take control of the design and delivery of your documents.

IntelleCheck: Payment Processing

Add greater efficiency and substantial savings to your payment process.

IRIS: IPEDS Data & Surveys

An easier, more effective way to collect your data and complete your IPEDS surveys.

CADMUS: Data Access for End Users

Make data accessible, regardless of technical skill
EASE for Amazon Alexa
Use your voice to get the data you need, when you need it.

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Evisions Professional Services will help you reach and maximize your institution’s administrative goals and objectives. They address all your processes, people, and needs, then tailor their approach to those goals and objectives.

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Data Privacy in Higher Education

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Three Paths to Get the Answers You Need for Your IPEDS Survey

Three Paths to Get the Answers You Need for Your IPEDS Survey

Many people see the new year as a clean slate, time to start a new diet or exercise program that won’t last the month. But if you are an IPEDS Keyholder, you know it’s the start of another IPEDS winter and spring survey collection. Looking at the IPEDS calendar,...

Success Stories

Argos has taken important, complicated data and made it easy to access at all levels throughout Enrollment Services, giving our staff the tools to be more successful in our enrollment recruitment efforts!
Lisa Willie

Executive Coordinator, Office of Enrollment Services, La Salle University

We experienced so many benefits from implementing E-billing by using FormFusion! In the first year after implementation, we saved over $88,000 in printing costs and postage alone, which made our school administration very happy. When the benefits include convenience, proven significant savings, and happy students, staff, and school administration, it’s a win-win for everyone!
Jill Kirkpatrick

Bursar, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

We estimate that we have saved over $100,000 a year in paper costs, toner costs and employee time with direct deposit, electronic copies of checks and integration with image solution.
John Bilmont

Chief Financial Officer, City College of San Francisco

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We’re here to help!