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Argos: Enterprise Reporting

Get timely, accurate information and data through reporting made simple.

FormFusion: Document Enhancement

Take control, and increase flexibility, of the design and delivery of your documents.

IntelleCheck: Payment Processing

Add greater efficiency and substantial savings to your payment process.

IRIS: IPEDS Data & Surveys

An easier, more effective way to collect your data and complete your IPEDS surveys.

CADMUS: Data Access for End Users

Make data accessible, regardless of technical skill

EASE for Amazon Alexa: Voice-Controlled Data

Use your voice to get the data you need, when you need it.

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Kudos from our customers

"We're giving the departments a lot more data, in different ways, so that they can make decisions and take action when they need to."
Ken Foshee
Senior Associate University Registrar / University of Alabama
“Argos’ cost model is much more attractive. The pricing is good, and it’s an all-in-one package, so we didn’t have to decide how many report writers would be on it in advance. We didn’t know what that number was going to be, especially as we grew.”
Jay Himes
Technical Lead / Liberty University
"When I was introduced to Argos, the CO-OP was a great source just to see the possibilities. My imagination went wild. I could see all sorts of ways we could use Argos at our institution."
Marion Hannaford
Assoc. Registrar, Systems & Reporting / Thompson Rivers University
“The transformative power of our data mart has made information accessible to research. They are able to create visualizations that shine lights on areas of success and areas needing enhancements. We would not have been able to take this huge step forward without the assistance of Evisions.”
Fred Rocha
IT Applications Support Manager / North Orange County Community College District
"The DataBlocks in Argos allow us to better organize our reports. And Argos has further simplified the process with its ability to schedule and automatically deliver reports without any IT intervention."
Glory Hunt
Senior Technical HR Analyst / Northeastern University
"Evisions has been pretty big for Southern Utah. From Argos to IntelleCheck to FormFusion, Evisions has saved the university a lot of time, which helps us work towards other goals."
Daniel Bishoff
Director of Advancement Systems / Southern Utah University
"Argos is the tool of choice. It has immediately changed the way we work, in that it has consolidated data so staff don’t have to do hours of compilation any longer, and everybody’s looking at the same information."
Jessica Ashbrook
Business Analyst, Financial Aid Office / Lansing Community College
"The biggest benefit of Argos is the ease of use and the amount of resources available through the web to maximize the use of the application. And one of the biggest points of sale that was given to us was the robustness of the HelpDesk. They gave our statistical office some direction and from there on, we were self-sufficient."
Luis E. González
Associate Vice President of Information Systems / Ana G. Mendez University System
"Argos empowers employees to run reports themselves, without help from IT. It helps support our institution's strategic goals and plans."
Joy Duran Gevedon
HR Systems Technician / University of North Carolina at Asheville
We have found that most times, creating reports in Argos has been quicker and more robust than building native Banner reports. Argos has saved our school money by making our reporting more efficient and by putting the tool into our end users’ hands, thereby lessening the number of reports generated directly from our office. Argos easily creates professional, detailed reports that would have normally taken multiple steps to implement.
Delano Sweeney
Database Systems Manager / Bluefield State College
“I need to know if something is failing, like if grades aren’t being calculated or registration is down. Scheduled Argos reports gives us a health check on our student information system on a regular basis.”
Luke Gentala
Registrar / Liberty University
"Argos has so many features and so much flexibility that it allows users to get real information faster than ever before. We originally bought Argos so we could 'do' reports. We quickly learned that is is so much more than just a reporting tool."
Amy Scism
Database Administrator / Rockhurst University
“Argos assists me in monitoring staff performance and gift processing entry. We have been able to reduce the amount of paper previously used by our department now that Argos reports are emailed to our respective areas. And we are able to proactively enhance our matching gift program by using Argos to report on various employment and giving parameters.”
Karen A. Sims
Director of Information Processing / Lehigh University
"Evisions’ Argos is by far one of the best products Jacksonville University has purchased and implemented. The installation of the product took less than fifteen minutes and allowed us to start migrating reports instantly. Furthermore, the unlimited licenses, ease of use, free training, free upgrade model and fantastic support make Evisions a truly unique company. When it comes to reporting, Argos was the best decision we have ever made."
Christian Block
Director of Information Services / Jacksonville University
"The University of Leeds needed an intuitive, configurable solution that was centrally developed and maintained, yet available to the entire reporting community."
Chris Jowett
Systems Consultant, Student Systems Administration / University of Leeds
"Argos allows me to provide the Faculty Deans with up-to-the minute data on admissions where previously it took around a week to get that information together. The dashboards make it so much easier to understand the data."
Claron Driscoll
Admissions Manager / Australian Catholic University
"If we were going to buy something, ideally, it would be from someone we trust, someone we knew provided good products; we knew that was Kevin, for us it was kind of a no brainer."
Amy Scism
Database Administrator / Rockhurst University
"The summary reports we’ve created in Argos have been invaluable for our department. Reports like, ‘Financial Aid Year in Review’ and ‘Financial Aid History’ are accessed frequently and put financial aid data at our fingertips."
Stephanie Bogard Trapp
Director of Financial Aid / Lansing Community College
“Evisions has hit the sweet spot of reporting needs with Argos and they have delivered on all of their commitments.”
Ken Evilsizor
Director, Information Systems / Point Loma Nazarene University
"I came to SUNY Adirondack from a school with no reporting tool, where everything had to be requested. When I got up here and found Argos, it was just unbelievable how much easier it made my job."
Cynthia Zielaskowski
Director of Registration and Records / SUNY Adirondack
"With Argos I can deliver more data, but I'm able to control that data. I'm able to better control who is getting access to that data. That's a huge plus."
Ken Foshee
Senior Associate University Registrar / University of Alabama
“Argos helps me keep the pulse of my many volunteer groups. It provides me a user-friendly interface, that allows me to search on just about any question I have as I deal with over 1,000 volunteers.”
Jessi Schimmel
Associate Director, Alumni Association / Lehigh University
“A tremendous benefit of Argos for us is the ability to report across multiple databases. We are able to do reporting with Jenzabar CX information along with information from PowerFAIDS, JICS and Blackboard.”
Ken Evilsizor
Director, Information Systems / Point Loma Nazarene University
"The Evisions Argos product was not only extremely easy to learn, it has been extremely powerful as well. We were able to quickly rebuild and expand upon a large number of reports in a relatively short time. In addition, we have been able to create simple lookup screens and dashboards that have decreased the need for Colleague Licenses. The ability to combine information from multiple data sources onto one screen is just one example of its versatility. I would recommend the product to any business organization."
JD Hysler
Programmer/Data Analyst Information Technology / Jacksonville University
Argos reporting has streamlined the issuing of documents to all students, providing a consistent student experience."
Lisa Mangham
Supervisor, Counter Services Student Administration / University of Leeds
"We're a big fan of Argos. We have had the product for some time now and it has made a huge difference on our multiple campuses."
Fred Rocha
District IT Applications Support Manager / North Orange County Community College District
Argos has created a collaborative environment between schools, who are now able to share DataBlocks and resources. People are calling each other. We’ve got the technical gear in place, so now people can push the envelope because they’re challenged by what other colleges are doing.
Dana Keith
Manager of Applications / West Virginia Network
"The Argos OLAP Data Cubes gave us a multi dimensional view of the University’s data including enrollment and grant information. With Argos it was easy to chart or slice and dice this information."
Megan Weatherford
Business Analyst / University of Arkansas at Little Rock
“The Lehigh Alumni Relations Office uses a constituent relationship management model to assess alumni connectivity, activity and ultimately philanthropic support for our great university. The Argos platform has allowed us to pull, synthesize and analyze data in ways only dreamed of in previous years. Our successful achievement of yearly stretch goals and our strategies for increased participation are directly related to our use of Argos.”
Bob Wolfenden
AVP for Alumni Relations and Annual Giving / Lehigh University
"It is rare to find a software vendor that truly puts customers first. Evisions demonstrates this with the quality of their software and customer support. Their software installs quickly, is easy to learn and it just works like it should. We spend at most a quarter of the time supporting Evisions software as we did with our previous reporting software. It is almost always flexible enough to approach an unusual problem in several different ways."
Brian Stillman
Dir. Administrative Computing / Northwest Nazarene University
"Argos presents the questions users need to answer to get specific about what they are looking for. People are not only getting the information they need, but they’re learning how to think about data as well."
Jon King
Business Intelligence Analyst, Center for Data Science / Lansing Community College
“Before Argos, our counselors would spend a great deal of time writing notes, entering in the notes into a spreadsheet file and generating letters to our instructors related to our students with disabilities.”
Rob Easton
Programmer / Analyst / Aims Community College
“We have had many end users take advantage of the no additional charge web-based training and we love the CO-OP for sharing of DataBlocks.”
Bryan Blackwell
Programmer / Analyst / Point Loma Nazarene University
“The product is easy to use. The on-line training is very good, and we were producing reports within a day. As our skill level progressed, we began creating very complicated reports and dashboards. The Evisions support team has always been readily available to answer any questions we had.”
Derise Hedge
DBA / Developer / Hilbert College
"After installing Argos, our DBA was immediately able to do a simple query against the database and retrieve results."
Fred Rocha
District IT Applications Support Manager / North Orange County Community College District
"Allow me to congratulate you on the development of the Dashboard. It is an extraordinary tool. Here I can see which programs are weak and which ones aren’t, I can compare myself with other centers, I can see the contribution made by the center to the institutional and systemic enrollment...Extraordinary!"
Sixto Bermúdez
UNE Arecibo Director / Ana G. Mendez University System
"We're very happy with the relationship we have with Evisions. We're constantly challenging the developers and the management of Evisions with ideas of where the product should go, and we’ve actually seen some of our requests come to fruition. That's rare."
Angela Spackmann
Banner Functional Support Specialist / SUNY Adirondack
"About 4 years ago I moved to Mt. San Antonio College, a much larger single location college with about 60,000 students and we decided that we would go with Banner again there and we relied and went back to Evisions to not only pick up all their other products that I had used before but also we standardized on Argos for reporting."
Victor Belinski
CTO / Mt. San Antonio College
“From an Institutional Research perspective, Argos is a great tool to have on campus because it provides people with information they can use, not just the numbers.”
Ron W. Eskew, PH.D.
Director of Institutional Research & Assessment / Hilbert College
"Argos is user friendly. The banded report allows for easy creation of formatted reports. Pre-designed reports provide a quick way to extract the data required."
Gabriel Spata
Student Systems Support Officer / Australian Catholic University
“I have used other reporting tools and Argos is by far the most cost-effective and user friendly.”
Stacy Cornelius
Finance & Human Resources Systems Analyst / Brandman University
My staff found Argos very easy to learn and found it helpful that users have the choice of using the query builder or straight SQL code. This assisted with the migration of existing reports and enabled my newer staff to learn the Banner tables easily. The free online training and the ability to download dashboards from the CO-OP are wonderful features. I had a few users who were very apprehensive about the change; however, they are now some of my heaviest users.
Pam Woods
Director of Institutional Research / Northern Community College
"We’ve been a long-time satisfied Argos user. Argos has allowed us to implement effective solutions for day-to-day tasks in several vital business areas, including Admissions, Alumni, Finance and the Registrar’s office."
William F. Haefele, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs & Student Development / Rockhurst University
"Argos saves significant time in getting data to end users throughout the Academic cycle from admission through enrolment and onto Graduation."
Leo Macpherson
Assistant Academic Registrar (Systems) / Australian Catholic University
"We needed to improve our ability to produce ad hoc reports including dashboards for decision-makers. We wanted to empower our staff to easily generate any report that they needed to service our university and students."
Theresa McCoy
Coordinator of Management Information Systems / Missouri State University
"Evisions has been incredibly easy to work with. Their professional staff and support staff have been friendly and helpful. When we have had issues, they have been quick to inform us of a current solution or develop new ones. We’re just beginning to see the power and versatility of the Argos software. Projects that used to take us 10-15 different reports can now be accomplished in one DataBlock."
Eric Kellerer
Executive Director of IT / Northwest Nazarene University
"We found that the Argos Dashboards are easy to develop and were easy to use to get quick answers to questions."
Nathan Nolan
Associate Director of Project Management & Development / University of Arkansas at Little Rock
"Argos has given us the opportunity to break down reports and analyze specific data points. We’re getting much more information than we were originally able to."
Sarah Linehan
Director of Admissions / SUNY Adirondack
"We knew that we needed performance metrics but determining these metrics was difficult. It took a team effort to accomplish this determination."
Jeannie Winston
Vice Chancellor for Information Services / University of Arkansas at Little Rock
"I love Argos! Having the Argos product at Jacksonville University has made my ability to do my job easier. I can easily run reports for numbers and important data quickly, I can reach out to struggling students, and by using Argos, we can easily spot outdated information in our student data system and rectify it. I am grateful that JU recognized the need for the Argos product and understood how useful it would be to departments like mine."
Katrina G. Coakley
Director of Academic Advising / Jacksonville University
"Argos has completely revolutionised the admissions process here at the Business School rendering obsolete a mass of unmaintainable Access code."
David Laljee
Faculty Database Developer, Business School / University of Leeds
“Evisions is one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with. Everybody there is amazing – they are extremely responsive, very knowledgeable and eager to solve the problems. I couldn’t be happier with the support and the response I’ve received.”
Michael A. Murrin
VP for Information Services / Hilbert College
"Argos continues to amaze me in its technical and functional capabilities. I can go to one place and in a secure very user friendly way, get to all the data I want."
Matt Heinrich
Associate VP for Facilities and Technology / Rockhurst University
"The scheduling functions in Argos are incredibly useful and versatile, not to mention user-friendly. Setting up a schedule to execute, burst into different reports, and send dynamic e-mails can be configured in just a few minutes."
Scott Osborne
Systems Analyst / Programmer / Northwest Nazarene University
"Before Argos was implemented, every department on the multiple campuses had to fend for themselves and create their own reports or hire consultants to create them. The reporting strategy was very inefficient."
Fred Rocha
District IT Applications Support Manager / North Orange County Community College District
"Argos has made it easier to provide information to the campus community."
Katherine Coy
Director of Institutional Research / Missouri State University
“I love the versatility of Argos, and how easy it is to customize your information.”
Donna Hernandez
Student AR Coordinator, Accounting Services / Weber State University
“I love Argos reporting - it makes my life much easier. I particularly love the scheduler!”
Diane Welch
Assistant Registrar of Records and Systems / University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
“No other product (reporting tool) comes anywhere close to Argos. Argos ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Indu Ravichandran
Systems Manager / College of Mount Saint Vincent
"We can make virtually anything we print out of Banner look exactly how we want. Now we can make all that important information appear in a way that works best for our students."
Robert Nitsos
Associate Registrar, Student Information Systems / Loyola Marymount University
"Evisions has been pretty big for Southern Utah. From Argos to IntelleCheck to FormFusion, Evisions has saved the university a lot of time, which helps us work towards other goals."
Daniel Bishoff
Director of Advancement Systems / Southern Utah University
"From development to production, implementation took only 4 weeks and has saved us so much time and money."
David Henry
Business Analyst / University of Wyoming
"Once I saw the savings from E-billing, I knew that taking 1098-Ts online would be my next big project. I was so excited to pitch the proposal to my director. With her immediate blessing and in less than a year, 1098-Ts were online and we’ve never looked back! Prior to FormFusion, we outsourced our 1098-Ts...by using FormFusion, we were able to bring the process back in house for better control, and we saved money!"
Jennifer Stillman
IT Manager/Administrative Coordinator / Southern Illinois University
"E-bills are now mandatory for students and in a survey we have found that students are happier with getting their bills via email rather than in the mail."
Lynn Crist
Business Office Manager / University of Wyoming
"We experienced so many benefits from implementing E-billing by using FormFusion! In the first year after implementation, we saved over $88,000 in printing costs and postage alone, which made our school administration very happy. We saw reduced personnel time necessary to process our bills. E-billing also drastically reduced our return rate from the post office for those students that failed to update or forward their addresses. Students, proxies, and staff now also have convenient access to billing statements online at any time. When the benefits include convenience, proven significant savings, and happy students, staff, and school administration, it’s a win-win for everyone! It doesn’t get any better than that!"
Jill Kirkpatrick
Bursar / Southern Illinois University
"We use to print up to 10,000 bills a month and use an outsourcing company to send them out. With FormFusion, we now print fewer than 500 bills a month and have saved a ton in printing and postage."
David Henry
Business Analyst / University of Wyoming
"FormFusion is great... it is built for Banner and uses all of the tools that are already on our system."
Nolan Cobb
Classification and Compensation Analyst / Chemeketa Community College
“FormFusion is by far the best way to distribute tax forms and student bills.”
Stacy Cornelius
Finance & Human Resources Systems Analyst / Brandman University
“FormFusion has made billing students much easier.”
Cindy McGee
Business Manager / West Liberty University
"Evisions has been pretty big for Southern Utah. From Argos to IntelleCheck to FormFusion, Evisions has saved the university a lot of time, which helps us work towards other goals."
Daniel Bishoff
Director of Advancement Systems / Southern Utah University
"We estimate that we have saved over $100,000 a year in paper costs, toner costs and employee time with direct deposit, electronic copies of checks and integration with image solution."
John Bilmont
Chief Financial Officer / City College of San Francisco
"We wanted to align ourselves with the City of San Francisco's "go-green" program and we knew that cutting down on our printing would assist with this alignment."
Don Lind
Director Payroll Services / City College of San Francisco
“IntelleCheck provides us seamless integration with Banner and ease of use”
Stacy Cornelius
Finance & Human Resources Systems Analyst / Brandman University
"…IntelleCheck was an easy installation for us. We have been using the product for the last three years and it has been very reliable and robust. Evisions customer service has been excellent."
Tony Jayatunge
Manager Computer Services / Red Deer College
"IntelleCheck by Evisions enhances the look of our checks and allows us to have electronic versions of the checks that can be accessed by students and staff."
Romy Lao
Principal Business Analyst / City College of San Francisco
“IntelleCheck works every time, we get terrific support and the product is easy to use.”
Eileen Zimmerman
Director of Systems Development and Integration / Bates College
"I think of the Evisions Support team as a success partner for all the projects we have. Their technical expertise and professionalism help us accomplish our work."
Shereen Gamal
Senior SIS Specialist / American University in Cairo
"The biggest benefit of Argos is the ease of use and the amount of resources available through the web to maximize the use of the application. And one of the biggest points of sale that was given to us was the robustness of the HelpDesk. They gave our statistical office some direction and from there on, we were self-sufficient."
Luis E. González
Associate Vice President of Information Systems / Ana G. Mendez University System
"I get excited when I think of all the work that Evisions saves us when compared to modifying Banner baseline programs. The support that we get from Evisions is superior!"
Melva Williams
Director of Internal Relations / Xavier University of Louisiana
“We’ve been extremely pleased with how fast Evisions has taken action to all of the issues and enhancements we’ve ever brought up. It’s more than any other vendor we’ve worked with.”
Luke Gentala
Registrar / Liberty University
"It’s wonderful to work with, their help desk always provides a quick and excellent response to whatever issue we’re facing. Out of all of our third party vendors they provide the excellent service that we need - quick rapid responses."
Cassey Tune
Banner/Technical Support / Arkansas State University
"Over the 10 years or so that we've been an Evisions client, the customer support has remained excellent on a consistent basis."
Melva Williams
Director of Internal Relations / Xavier University of Louisiana

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