Utilize Evisions for Your Tasks and Responsibilities

We know you’re busy. We know that resources can often be stretched thin. We also know that you have key tasks that must be completed and responsibilities that must be fulfilled within given timeframes. Managed Services gives clients a cost-friendly way to outsource those tasks and responsibilities to the Evisions Professional Services team.

How does Managed Services work?

Managed Services provides clients a pool of hours each month as a monthly subscription. (It’s similar to maintenance hours where the hours per month are used or lost. They do not roll over month to month.) This monthly subscription requires a minimum 3-month commitment but includes a lower billing rate than Professional Services’ standard rate. Rates become lower the more hours that are purchased per month.

For all Managed Services work orders received, Evisions Professional Services will follow the normal hours, escalation processes, and SLA offered by the Support team. All work will be managed by a Project Manager and the Professional Services team of resources.

Summary of Managed Services

There are two categories of Managed Services available:

MAPS Administrator

Consulting Subscription


  • Work that is specific to the client’s needs and request
  • Evisions will assign the appropriate team member based on the request
  • Professional Services will follow standard practices as it relates to the Support team’s processes for cases regarding working hours, escalation processes, and SLA


  • Requires 3-month/10 hours-per-month minimum commitment
  • Rate is lower than the standard Professional Services rate
  • Rate goes lower the more hours that are purchased per month
  • Hours expire at the end of every month and do not roll over

MAPS Administrator

The Evisions Professional Services team will handle the institution’s MAPS administration – taking on specific tasks, maintaining the environment, and troubleshooting if issues arise. Tasks may pertain to the MAPS platform and/or any of its applications (Argos, FormFusion, and IntelleCheck). There are two tiers of assistance available within this category.


  • 10 hours per month
  • Types of tasks/assistance offered:
    • User Management – Creation and user roles
    • MAPS Upgrades – Follows product releases and license updates
    • Basic connection configuration and permissions
    • Configuration and authorizations of auxiliary MAPS resources
    • Error management of MAPS environment


  • 20-40 hours per month
  • Types of tasks/assistance offered:
    • All items included from Basic tier
    • User Management – LDAP and Single Sign On configuration assistance
    • MAPS Upgrades
      • Additional upgrade assistance with FormFusion and IntelleCheck
      • Upgrade assistance to 64-bit environment
    • Loading SSL certificates into MAPS
    • Migrations and clones with institution-configured Windows servers
    • Maintenance of old log files and backups
    • Connection Configuration – assistance configuring Cloud Connector and REST Connector
    • Configuration and authorizations of auxiliary resources for MAPS
      • Email Server
      • FTP
      • Printers
    • Argos API Management – Configuration of Argos API referrer checking and referrers
    • Argos Scheduling Management – Schedule configuration such as threads, timeout, and users

Consulting Subscription

This offering provides a direct avenue for clients to seek out assistance with experienced Evisions consultants. Can address a wide range of needs but is done with a focus on advancing the institution’s reporting maturity. This service can include consulting sessions for products, data guidance, report development, and more.


What's included

  • 10-100 hours per month
  • Types of tasks/assistance offered:
    • Consultants and developers aid the institution as requests and tasks pop up
    • Any consulting or minor report development
      • Covers the Evisions product suite
      • Assistance with scope review and specification design
      • Reporting assistance and working sessions
      • Discussions providing best practices in security around Evisions products
      • Product best practices
      • Data foundation planning and loading
    • Guaranteed access to a knowledgeable Professional Services consultant on an as-needed basis
    • Guidelines for project work established by a Project Manager
      • Scheduling
      • Consultant assignment
      • Determine agenda and request process
      • Review of immediate needs and minor development

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