Higher Education Compliance Surveys

IRIS, the SaaS-based Higher Education Compliance Solution, provides an easier, more effective way to complete your IPEDS surveys, so you can focus on more strategic initiatives that support your institution’s goals. It automates the workflow for reviewing, validating, and approving surveys.


Save Time

Reduce manual entry of targeted survey data and streamline the approval process.


Enhance Tracking

Manage the IPEDS approval process from start to finish with easy-to-use tracking and communication features.


Data Accuracy

Reduce the risk of misreporting with built-in alerts that let you know when your data doesn’t match up to previous year’s submissions.

Ease Burden on IT

This secure, centralized cloud solution requires minimal hardware maintenance.

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What are the pre-requisites for IRIS, and does the data originate directly from the institution’s data systems?

During the implementation of IRIS, connections to the institution’s data systems are created. This allows specific data files to be generated based on each IPEDS survey.

Is the institution required to write SQL queries for data to be imported into IRIS?

No. Institutions are not required to write any SQL to use IRIS. IRIS pulls data directly from the base tables in the institution’s data systems. As part of the initial implementation, and when changes or modifications are required, the SQL query updates are done by Evisions. 

Does the purchase of IRIS include the yearly changes to the IPEDS surveys? And will IRIS include new surveys when they are added to the IPEDS collection schedule?

Yes and yes. Future changes to existing IPEDs surveys will be included as part of the IRIS service. New surveys will be incorporated into IRIS after the NCES has added them to the IPEDS collection schedule and issued detailed guidelines for them.

How are the text data files generated (the files imported into IRIS by the data manager)?

The IRIS connector runs in real time, pulling data directly from the related tables within the institution’s data systems. It then generates specific data files based on each of the IPEDS surveys.

Which parts of the IPEDS surveys does IRIS populate? And does it populate every field?

IRIS automatically populates the IPEDS survey with form values, based on the import file specification to ensure data quality and comparability. If an optional field value is omitted from the file, the form field for that value will be populated with string N/A. IRIS does not support manual entry of information into input fields (i.e. explanation text boxes).

Is IRIS configured to pull IPEDS data from live tables or customized tables built by institutions? And if the locations change, does Evisions update the connection?

IRIS can connect to live or customized tables, as well as relational databases (ODBC, OLE, DB, etc.). If data locations change, updates to the IRIS data connector are included as part of the IRIS service support from Evisions.

Key Features


The dashboard allows you to easily see and access all your IPEDS surveys.


A survey interface identical to the official IPEDS survey with which you’re already familiar.


Ability for reviewers to include annotations within surveys.

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