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Data Governance Explained

If you work at a college or university, there may be plenty of topics that generate more attention than “data governance,” but do any of these three ‘progress-stoppers’ ring a bell?  You’re in the Office of Institutional Research. Today, your job is to do...

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Best Practices for Charting

“One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.” The phrase, often attributed to Fred Barnard after it appeared in the advertising trade journal Printer’s Ink, also applies to the visual presentation of data. While our focus is often on higher education, the above idiom...

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Overcoming Data Integration Issues

Data. It’s a simple word. Yet collecting it, analyzing it, and understanding it isn’t always so simple. For institutions of higher education, this is usually the result of two circumstances: 1) Data from one source does not always match data from an approved source,...

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