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Better Reporting for Higher Education

As higher education professionals know, not all reporting requests are routine. When such requests occur, are you prepared to deal with them – and the unintended consequences that may result if not managed properly?

To address these questions and more, Evisions presents Better Reporting for Higher Education. This eBook examines best practices for dealing with data consumers and their unanticipated requests in three key areas:

  • Handling impromptu data dumps
  • Importance of gathering the right requirements
  • Improve reporting capabilities with flexible dashboards
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How to Cope with Limited Resources

Many higher education institutions share a common obstacle – limited resources. From reduced staffing, to budget cuts, to simply not having enough time, administrators responsible for gathering and reporting important institutional data must find ways to make the most of what they do have.

In the eBook How to Cope with Limited Resources, Evisions offers suggestions and methods to manage limited reporting resources, focusing on three particular areas:

  • Prioritizing and ranking report requests
  • Options for training your reporting staff
  • Weighing the hiring of new staff vs. outsourcing
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Going Digital with Cloud-based eRA

Many research institutions are burdened by paper processes or the shortcomings of their home-grown eRA systems. From outdated approval processes, to inconsistent budget preparation, to a total lack of transparency, research administrators and PIs across the globe continue to battle the same roadblocks on a daily basis.

This eBook provides suggestions and best practices for making the move to a cloud-based eRA system and doing away with antiquated processes that plague research administration.

Topics include:

  • Making the case for eRA at your institution
  • Reasons to consider the move to Cloud-based eRA
  • Harnessing the power of the cloud for research administration
  • Simplifying compliance processes by going digital
  • Preparing your research office to go digital
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Bring Your Sponsored Programs to the Digital Age

Within this eBook you’ll find real life examples and best practices from former research administrators who have overcome the daily burdens of research administration and experienced the benefits of bringing an Office of Sponsored Programs to the digital age.

Topics include:

  • A look at the difference between paper-based processes and electronic research administration (eRA)
  • The benefits of going paperless in research administration
  • Promoting collaboration in an Office of Sponsored Programs with eRA
  • Top 5 benefits of eRA for Principal Investigators
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Transitioning Reporting Tools: An Opportunity for Conversions

Transitioning Reporting Tools: An Opportunity for Conversions

An increasing number of higher education institutions are realizing the need to change their reporting tools. Though their reasons for this change may vary, they face the same monumental task of converting hundreds, if not thousands, of queries from an old reporting tool into a new one. While the conversion process may contain some pitfalls, it also serves as a great opportunity.

In the eBook Transitioning Reporting Tools: An Opportunity for Conversions, Evisions offers insights on how to make a huge process seem less overwhelming. We examine:

  • Ways to recognize and understand if it’s time to seek a new reporting tool
  • How to begin converting queries from one reporting tool to another
  • Restructuring the all-important report tree
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The Data Mart: When You Feel the Need for Reporting Speed

The Data Mart: When You Feel the Need for Reporting Speed

Colleges and universities today are being asked to create more reports, more often, to address an ever-expanding list of institutional issues and questions. This can be a time-consuming task. Enter the data mart, which can expedite the reporting process.

In the eBook The Data Mart: When You Feel the Need for Reporting Speed, Evisions examines the elements that make up a data mart and why it’s such an effective reporting tool. This includes:

  • How the data mart compares to the data warehouse
  • The aspects of a data mart that make it a lean, mean reporting machine
  • The requirements and development needed to ensure the data mart is successful
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The 4 C's of Quality eRA Solutions

The 4 C's of Quality Electronic Research Administration Solutions

For many in research administration, your next electronic research administration (eRA) purchase will be your first. If you have purchased a system before, you know how complex the selection process can be. Who better to provide perspective and advice than former research administrators themselves, who now have the added benefit of working on the vendor side?

This eBook contains practical tips on how to simplify eRA evaluation by turning your institutional priorities into categories we affectionately call the 4 C’s of Quality eRA Solutions: Collaboration, Convenience, Cost & Compliance.

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Training Your Reporting Staff

Training Your Reporting Staff: Ensuring Effectiveness and Minimizing Expense

Properly training your reporting staff is vital to your team, department, and the institution as a whole. Yet, just because something is vital doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. You can take steps to help maximize the effectiveness of training and/or minimize its expense.

In the eBook Training Your Reporting Staff: Ensuring Effectiveness and Minimizing Expense, Evisions aims to help you understand the ‘when, why, and how’ of training your reporting staff. We examine:

  • Factors that determine if training is the answer to poor workplace performance
  • How managers have the biggest impact on the success or failure of training
  • Ways to evaluate the effectiveness of the instruction received
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5 Reasons You Need a Cloud-based Electronic Research Administration (eRA) Solution

Cloud-based eRA solutions are all the rage in research administration and for good reason. They provide tons of convenience with minimal cost. Even so, many  institutions are reluctant to modernize.

If your institution is hesitant to make the move from a homegrown electronic or paper-based system to a cloud-based eRA, this eBook is a must read.

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Importance of Metrics in HE

The Importance of Metrics in Higher Education

Higher Education institutions are not only trying to enroll, retain, & graduate students, but they’re trying to do it with less funding and in less time. It’s important to understand the data behind the trends they see on campus and throughout the industry, to improve efficiency and differentiate themselves from the competition.

In the eBook The Importance of Metrics in Higher Education, Evisions works to help you understand how those numbers can fuel an institution’s competitive advantage. We examine:

  • The importance of a data-focused approach to pursuing institutional objectives
  • How Advancement departments can use reporting to achieve their fundrasing goals
  • The five most common ways of measuring student success
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Integrating Visualization into Your Data Ecosystem

Key leaders and administrators at institutions require data to help them make important decisions. But it takes more than the data itself to influence their choices and opinions. Data visualization, or how that data is presented for examination and utilization, can be equally meaningful.

In the Evisions eBook, Integrating Visualization into Your Data Ecosystem, you will learn ways to ensure your data is presented cohesively to better help decision makers. You’ll discover:

  • How to ensure you have consistent, reliable data across all platforms
  • Ways to create charts that capture attention and communicate key information
  • Methods to properly design your dashboard to effectively “sell” the data
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