A Smarter Payment Processing for Higher Education

Evisions IntelleCheck adds greater efficiency to the payment process, as well as substantial savings to your bottom line. It streamlines output for AP, Payroll, student refund payments, and direct deposit advices.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Eliminates need for pre-printed check stock, as well as management and storage of that stock.
Easy Implementation

Easy Implementation

Evisions creates all of the check templates for you, based on your institution’s requirements and specifications.
Signature Control

Signature Control

Exercise more control over check signatures by using dollar amounts to determine manual or electronic signatures, and signee(s).

Delivery Methods


IntelleCheck reduces the amount of time you spend printing by allowing it to be done simultaneously from multiple printers. You can print check payments on any laser printer using blank secure check stock and MICR toner.


Reduce the expense and waste of paper, as well as storage costs, while expediting document search and retrieval. IntelleCheck features a built-in imaging component that allows institutions to send file copies of checks, direct deposit advices, and BankMobile payments as PDF images to third-party imaging solutions. Fewer documents get lost and a digital “paper trail” is created, to aid compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements.


We take security seriously. Email with Encryption enables you to securely email payment statements to students, employees, or vendors. Not only does it use AES encryption to safeguard private, sensitive communications, but it can save you thousands of dollars in printing, postage, and staff time with each payment run.

Emails can be fully formatted and customized with database fields, along with password-protected PDF images for direct deposit statements. A scheduling and delivery tool is also included to automate delivery of deposit statements.

Save Time with Automatic Positive Pay

Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection tool in which the account number, check number, and dollar amount of each check is matched against a list of checks previously authorized & issued by the institution. Evisions will design your Positive Pay file according to the specifications you supply during implementation, and IntelleCheck will send your Positive Pay file to the bank automatically, based upon the bank’s requirements.

BankMobile for Electronic Refunds

Institutions can offer students multiple ways to receive their refunds with BankMobile’s Refund Management® Service (formerly Higher One). Students can choose the method that works best for them. All payments are seamlessly transmitted to BankMobile by IntelleCheck. BankMobile also keeps your institution compliant with changes to the distribution of Title IV funds made by The Department of Education.


Below are examples of Accounts Payable checks directly from IntelleCheck.

These checks were designed to work with blank, secure check stock for use with either windowed envelopes or pressure seal machinery.

Below are examples of Payroll checks directly from IntelleCheck.

These checks were designed to work with blank, secure check stock for use with either windowed envelopes or pressure seal machinery.

Our Clients Love Us

Real Client Testimonials

“…IntelleCheck was an easy installation for us. We have been using the product for the last three years and it has been very reliable and robust. Evisions customer service has been excellent.”
Tony Jayatunge

Manager Computer Services, Red Deer College

“We estimate that we have saved over $100,000 a year in paper costs, toner costs and employee time with direct deposit, electronic copies of checks and integration with image solution.”
John Bilmont

Chief Financial Officer, City College of San Francisco

“IntelleCheck works every time, we get terrific support and the product is easy to use.”
Eileen Zimmerman

Director of Systems Development and Integration, Bates College

“IntelleCheck by Evisions enhances the look of our checks and allows us to have electronic versions of the checks that can be accessed by students and staff.”
Romy Lao

Principal Business Analyst, City College of San Francisco

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