Evisions DORIS is due to be released later in 2021. For now, enjoy this sneak peek!


What is DORIS?

  • A data platform that allows data to be collected from any source data system
  • A data lake that collects data in batches or streams from across the institution
  • A data warehouse with a data model that serves as a centralized source of truth for intent driven reporting and insight


  • Disparate data systems within an institution or system of institutions
  • High volumes of data and issues of data quality as they relate to completeness, accuracy, timeliness, and availability
  • A lack of consistent longitudinal data across the institution or system

DORIS Data Flow


How does pulling data from DORIS compare to pulling data from a 3rd party data source, such as your ERP?

Higher Ed Categories # Data Model Entities # 3rd Party Data Source Tables
Student 14 6,100+
Finance 4 2,300+
Financial Aid 2 1,400+
Human Resources 5 2,500+
Other* 12 n/a
*Includes Academic Libraries and IPEDS Information

Partner Case Study

Read how Evisions partnered with NorthBay Solutions and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build Evisions CADMUS and DORIS, web-based solutions that enable our higher education clients to access their data more quickly, easily, and confidently.

Features & Capabilites

Data source configuration management

Data snapshots

  • For longitudinal insight

Automation of data collection

  • Manual
  • Scheduling

Historical data configuration and management

  • Raw data identification
  • Data mapping to DORIS model

Data snapshot tagging

  • Fall census, Spring census, Pre-Fall Summer census, Post-Spring Summer census, Full year term end, Full year June end

Data model entity configuration and management

  • Raw data identification
  • Data mapping to DORIS model

DORIS Benefits


Data serves as the foundation of the institution

  • Intent-driven (Your data, not ours)
  • Defined + Reliable = Confidence
  • Agnostic collection and data delivery

Ease of collaboration across the institution

  • Larger institutions might have the time & resources to build this themselves, but many don’t
  • Goal is to get the institution’s data into one place

Time-to-Report & Time-to-Value = Quicker & More Consistent


API based data collection and delivery


No longer need to iterate on the same data over and over


Every problem doesn’t need to be solved at once

  • Start with a small set or single problem
  • Iterate and build

Logical and easier to understand than an entire back-end data system


Accessible and actionable

  • In-depth understanding of the actual data is not required

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