Document Enhancement: Gain control over your documents

Evisions FormFusion enables higher education professionals to take control over the design and delivery of documents. It helps institutions save time and money by automating, and increasing the flexibility of, document creation and distribution.

Improve efficiency

Streamline document delivery, use intuitive pre-built templates, and minimize custom programming, development, and maintenance.

Save Money

Eliminate pre-printed forms and paper stock, reduce postage and document delivery costs, and lessen paper waste.

Increase flexibility

Have more versatility in your document creation. Exercise greater control over the look and layout of forms, while pulling in data from multiple sources.

Transform Your Document in 3 Easy Steps

1. Design – take plain text output and produce rich, dynamic, digital documents tailored to the needs of your organization.
2. Content – customize the placement of content on your document; add data not included in the standard output.

3. Distribution – directly distribute documents to a printer; or deliver documents electronically through one of our delivery modules.

Electronic Delivery Modules

Email with Encryption

Avoid stuffing and sealing envelopes, and save money on postage and printing, by distributing your documents as read-only PDFs via password-protected and encrypted email.

Imaging Integration

Increase speed, accuracy and efficiency by feeding documents directly into third-party imaging solutions, or to specific network folders. Eliminate the manual steps of printing, scanning, and indexing documents.

PL SQL Script Director (e-billing)

Save paper and time, while improving service to your students, by integrating directly with your institution’s web portal (a popular feature with the Student Billing process).

DocuSign Director

DocuSign® Director is a FormFusion add-on that provides you an end-to-end solution for forms and agreements. It lets you create a paperless process, from initial form creation all the way through to the final electronic signature.

The combination of the ease and flexibility of FormFusion with the speed and security of DocuSign eSignature (part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud) gives you the ability to automate how you prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements electronically.

You must have a DocuSign Account for the Director to work. (If you don’t, Evisions can assist with contacting DocuSign.)

Additional Features

Custom sorting

Sort documents based on personal, departmental, or institutional preference (e.g., have all documents with hand-written signatures come before those that were electronically signed).

Duplex printing

Print important information on the backs of documents, such as terms & conditions on vendor copies of purchase orders.

Multiple languages

FormFusion is capable of printing most written languages (Unicode characters).

Our Clients Love Us

Real Client Testimonials

“FormFusion has made billing students much easier.”
Cindy McGee

Business Manager, West Liberty University

“We’re using FormFusion to automate some of our purchase orders and various forms. We love the help desk, you know, getting to work with some of the same engineers over and over. Our check templates have been taken care of… and support and everything. We can always call them, you know, I’ve got that 800-number ready to go – I always get another voice on the end of the phone.”
Matt Rapczynski

Programmer, Foothill - De Anza Community College

“Once I saw the savings from E-billing, I knew that taking 1098-Ts online would be my next big project. I was so excited to pitch the proposal to my director. With her immediate blessing and in less than a year, 1098-Ts were online and we’ve never looked back! Prior to FormFusion, we outsourced our 1098-Ts…by using FormFusion, we were able to bring the process back in house for better control, and we saved money!”
Jennifer Stillman

IT Manager/Administrative Coordinator, Southern Illinois University

“We use to print up to 10,000 bills a month and use an outsourcing company to get them sent out. With FormFusion, we now print less than 500 bills a month and have saved a ton in printing and postage.”
David Henry

Business Analyst, University of Wyoming

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