What’s Happening with the Evisions Support Site?

We are in the process of transitioning from our current systems to a new unified service on the Salesforce platform – Service Cloud and Service Cloud Communities. We are about a month away from that system being available, so we will be using this space to try to answer some burning questions you might have about this new set of tools.

Why is Evisions changing ticketing systems?

We are currently using a few different tools to provide Support and information to our clients. There are several things that don’t work the way we need them to since Evisions has evolved to what we are today. This also means that there are a few different places that our client information might not match up properly. With the adoption of Salesforce as our internal CRM tool, it made sense to combine our internal data and give ourselves one version of the truth for client information! (Sound familiar?) We also heard from customers that the knowledgebase articles and CO-Op resources were difficult to search, and forum participation was less than desired.

When is this going to happen?

We are expecting the new portal system will be available in early April. The exact date will be updated in this FAQ section as it gets closer.

Will I have to create a new login to the new system?

Yes. There is no method for us to transfer users from our old separate systems to the new Salesforce platform. We will be providing more information on how this is done as we get closer to opening the new client portal.

What will happen with my institution’s tickets?

All tickets from January 2017 – current will be moved over to the new system. Tickets created in 2017 will have limited information, but any tickets from 2018-2019, and open tickets, will all get full activity moved over to the new Case system. There may be instances where file attachments, such as .pc files, may not make it over to the new system. If that happens, you can simply create a new Case to request the file, and we will upload it for you.

What improvements will be made in the new portal?

  • Clients will have a newer, cleaner method of providing DataBlocks and FormFusion Templates to the CO-Op. Evisions will provide a ‘How To’ article for this as we get closer to the Go-Live date of Evisions Communities.
  • Clients will have the ability to vote on usefulness of a Knowledge entry, as well as provide feedback or ask further questions.
  • The look and feel of the Evisions Communities will be much different than our previous forums. Knowledgebase articles, CO-Op entries, and Forum Posts can all be searched from a central search bar. In addition, these items can be found in the navigation tree, by product. Clients will also see an improved selection of ‘Related Items’ as they enter Cases for the Support team. In many cases, the wider variety of search results may reduce the need to create a new Case. Evisions plans to continue to expand the information available in the Search bar, by integrating with the existing Help pages for each of our products.
  • Maintenance Hours used, per product, are visible to anyone who has permissions to create Cases for an institution, so that there is never any question about where time has been spent with the Support team.

What happens to the existing User Forums?

We will not be moving any of the User Forums to the new Community. We will be monitoring these forums more closely now, and helping encourage and drive conversations among clients, and suggesting potential solutions, where appropriate. We intend to make the community more robust than our current forums and will be making plans to continue to expand functionality over the next several months.

There will be more information provided, including some PowerPoint presentations & demonstrations at the Evisions Conference. A webinar  will also be presented somewhere around the late April timeframe. Stay tuned to this page for details!

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