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Updated June 12, 2019

What’s Happening with the Evisions Support Site?

We are in the process of transitioning from our current systems to a new unified service on the Salesforce platform – Service Cloud and Service Cloud Communities. We are about a month away from that system being available, so we will be using this space to try to answer some burning questions you might have about this new set of tools.


Why is Evisions changing ticketing systems?

We are currently using a few different tools to provide Support and information to our clients. There are several things that don’t work the way we need them to since Evisions has evolved to what we are today. This also means that there are a few different places that our client information might not match up properly. With the adoption of Salesforce as our internal CRM tool, it made sense to combine our internal data and give ourselves one version of the truth for client information! (Sound familiar?) We also heard from customers that the knowledgebase articles and CO-OP resources were difficult to search, and forum participation was less than desired.


When is this going to happen?

We are expecting the new portal system to be available on May 7, 2019.

Will I have to create a new login to the new system?

Yes. There is no method for us to transfer users from our old separate systems to the new Salesforce platform.

For users who have created tickets in the current system in the last 18 months, Evisions will send out an invitation via E-mail. Everyone else can email us at with your Name and Institution. We will send you an invitation to set up your account.


What will happen with my institution’s tickets?

All tickets from January 2017 – current will be moved over to the new system. Tickets created in 2017 will have limited information, but any tickets from 2018-2019, and open tickets, will all get full activity moved over to the new Case system. There may be instances where file attachments, such as .pc files, may not make it over to the new system. If that happens, you can simply create a new Case to request the file, and we will upload it for you.


What improvements will be made in the new portal?

  • Clients will have a newer, cleaner method of providing DataBlocks and FormFusion Templates to the CO-OP. Evisions will provide a ‘How To’ article for this as we get closer to the Go-Live date of Evisions Communities.
  • Clients will have the ability to vote on usefulness of a Knowledge entry, as well as provide feedback or ask further questions.
  • The look and feel of the Evisions Communities will be much different than our previous forums. Knowledgebase articles, CO-OP entries, and Forum Posts can all be searched from a central search bar. In addition, these items can be found in the navigation tree, by product. Clients will also see an improved selection of ‘Related Items’ as they enter Cases for the Support team. In many cases, the wider variety of search results may reduce the need to create a new Case. Evisions plans to continue to expand the information available in the Search bar, by integrating with the existing Help pages for each of our products.
  • Maintenance Hours used, per product, are visible to anyone who has permissions to create Cases for an institution, so that there is never any question about where time has been spent with the Support team.

Which browsers can I use to access the Support Portal?

You can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.


Are there any videos related to the new Support Portal?

Yes. Please view the following videos to learn how to:

Create a Login

Navigate the new Evisions Community

Create a case

Submit to the CO-OP

Search in Evisions Community and CO-OP


How do I change my email address and password?

After logging into the Support Portal, you can update your password under My Settings (a drop down selection from your username in the upper right hand corner).

Please open a new Case if you need your email address updated.


How is the information displayed in the Support Portal determined?

The information is permission based, so customers will only see components they have access to.


Can I change the column headings on “My Cases”, “My Cased (Open),” “My Cased (Closed),” and other views?

You can’t select which column headings will display, but you can change the width of each column by positioning the mouse over the column line and dragging it left or right.


Can I sort the columns in my Case views?

Yes. By clicking the blue down arrow next to the column heading, you can change the sort order.


Can I close a case?

Yes, Click the Close Case button at the top of a case.


Where do I go to search in Support Portal?

You can use global search to search Cases, Articles, and CO-OP. You will also see Related items when opening a new case.


I attempted multiple unsuccessful logins and am now locked out. What do I do?

Email us at or give us a call at 714-824-5252.


I have a question about the Support Portal. Where can I get answers?

If you can create a case, create a new case. Otherwise, you can email your questions to or call us at 714-824-5252.



  1. Tonia Arthur

    How can I update my contact numbers on my account?

    • Eric Goldman

      Hi Tonia,

      Someone should have already been in touch with you about this. But in case they haven’t, please email with your question. Thank you!

  2. Jessie

    How can we post new questions in the forum if it’s in read-only mode?

    • Eric Goldman

      Hi Jessie,

      An error was found in the system today. It has been fixed.

  3. Terry Bilskie

    Tried to log into support, and clicked on “forgot password’, yet still have not received email to to so.
    Can you help me ?
    Terry Bilskie

  4. Kristina

    What happened to the co-op? As in the shared templates? I am not looking for forums, I want to see and share the files with other schools. I am really hoping that I am just having a moment and can’t find it.

    Thank you

    • Eric Goldman

      Hi Kristina,

      When you’re in the new Community Site, go to the Product Topics dropdown menu and select CO-OP. The shared files are under ‘Knowledge Articles.’ Under ‘Discussions’ you’ll see a post about how to filter those articles. (And at the top of the page you can search CO-OP posts by product.) If you have any other questions on this please reach out to Thank you!


  5. Mia Du

    I forget my password and tried to reset my password. I filled my email address in your forgot password page, and then received an automate Email that linked me back to your forgot password page asking me to fill in Email address again. It seems like a loop. I still cannot reset my password successfully. Could you please investigate?

    • Eric Goldman

      Hi Mia,

      Please contact and someone will be able to help you resolve the issue.


  6. Diana Golestaneh

    I am not able to reset my password. I need to login to support

    • Eric Goldman

      Hi Diana,

      Please contact and someone will be able to help you get set up.

      Eric Goldman


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