Reporting made simple

Evisions Argos delivers the insights that you need in order to make timely, better-informed decisions. Argos helps colleges and universities work better, delivering flexible, powerful, easy-to-use reporting tools developed by higher education experts.

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Reporting made simple

Argos delivers the insights you need quickly, in order to make timely, better-informed decisions. It’s a single feature-rich, user-friendly tool that’s easy to implement and manage. It works by filling reporting requests through simple ad hoc queries to advanced dashboards that display interactive charts and data cubes, graphically illustrating insights at a glance.

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Empowers Timely Decisions

A simpler, quicker way to run reports and visualize data, making your job easier.

Reports at Your Convenience

Access reports and dashboards whenever you need them, and on the device that works best for you.

Frees Up IT

No complex development or lengthy installation. Easy to modify as your needs change.

Enable Your Team

An easier way for everyone to collaborate, communicate, and take charge of their work.

Unlimited Users

Add unlimited users, user types, and data sources for no additional cost.

In the Hands of Users

Streamlines work by fitting seamlessly into your workflow.

Boost Institutional Insights

View student, departmental and institutional data in real time. Interactive reports and dashboards illustrate that data, providing insights at a glance and improving visibility throughout your institution.

Expand Your Resources

Argos’s CO-OP user community can help you speed up implementation and lower your total cost of ownership, with an online library containing pre-designed reports and DataBlocks. It encourages collaboration and sharing by bringing together higher education professionals with similar reporting responsibilities and experiences.

Add Style and Functionality with Advanced Features

Enhance your reporting capabilities with Argos’ Advanced Features, optional modules
that can improve the look, flexibility, accessibility, and delivery of your reports.

Interactive Charts
Dynamic Real-Time Dashboards

Dashboards show summarized data quickly, simply, and graphically to users throughout your organization. The Interactive Charting module adds visualizations such as gauges, pie charts, bar graphs, line plots, and more to your dashboards. Charts can be made interactive, allowing users to drill down into the data for a more detailed analysis.

Scheduling & Delivery

Automatically distribute reports to key users with the scheduling and delivery capability of Argos. Report execution can be specified by both date and time, and users can “burst” reports into sub-reports to be delivered separately. Distribution options include email, FTP, and imaging systems. Often used in letter generation, budget reporting, and departmental reporting, this capability eliminates the mundane process of manually running, exporting and emailing reports.

Fast and Flexible OLAP Data Cubes

OLAP stands for Online Analytical Processing. Argos’ OLAP cubes allow users to answer complex analytical queries quickly, without needing a DataBlock Designer to create a custom query for them. Users can independently arrange and filter data by dragging and dropping their desired information into the cube, allowing them to gain greater insights, uncover relationships, and identify key patterns and trends.

Seamless Integration with Other Applications

The Argos API (Application Programming Interface) allows reports to be run and then securely delivered via third-party software tools such as web portals or ERP software. Through the API, Argos reports can be accessed anytime from anywhere, promoting broader use and availability of reporting across all user groups.

User Types

Report Viewer

Run fully formatted reports, dashboards, OLAP cubes, and charts without having to rely on other departments. Our Report Viewer gives you full control over export options, including: PDF; Excel; RTF; HTML; and TXT formats.


Datablock Designer

Build sections of data, called “DataBlocks,” useful for displaying statistics in reports. A simple interface assists with parameter form creation and query display. As an added bonus, our SQL Builder helps novice users generate complex queries with ease.


Report Writer

With Report Writer it’s easier than ever to design and modify formatted/CSV reports. A built-in software wizard helps navigate table structures and assists even novice users with creating complex SQL queries. Stay in the fast lane and tap our expansive CO-OP User Community for access to hundreds of pre-made report templates and DataBlocks.


Configure MAP servers and manage database connections without hassle. Administrators can control a wide variety of features: users and groups; security settings; LDAP configurations; queueing rules; scheduled reports; IP restrictions; back-up settings; and automatic software.

Our Clients Love Us

Real Client Testimonials

We have found that most times, creating reports in Argos has been quicker and more robust than building native Banner reports. Argos has saved our school money by making our reporting more efficient and by putting the tool into our end users’ hands, thereby lessening the number of reports generated directly from our office. Argos easily creates professional, detailed reports that would have normally taken multiple steps to implement.
Delano Sweeney
Database Systems Manager / Bluefield State College
"Argos has so many features and so much flexibility that it allows users to get real information faster than ever before. We originally bought Argos so we could 'do' reports. We quickly learned that is is so much more than just a reporting tool."
Amy Scism
Database Administrator / Rockhurst University
“Argos assists me in monitoring staff performance and gift processing entry. We have been able to reduce the amount of paper previously used by our department now that Argos reports are emailed to our respective areas. And we are able to proactively enhance our matching gift program by using Argos to report on various employment and giving parameters.”
Karen A. Sims
Director of Information Processing / Lehigh University
"Evisions’ Argos is by far one of the best products Jacksonville University has purchased and implemented. The installation of the product took less than fifteen minutes and allowed us to start migrating reports instantly. Furthermore, the unlimited licenses, ease of use, free training, free upgrade model and fantastic support make Evisions a truly unique company. When it comes to reporting, Argos was the best decision we have ever made."
Christian Block
Director of Information Services / Jacksonville University

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