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The Challenge

On a monthly basis, the Finance department at City College of San Francisco (CCSF) printed and manually stored copies of checks. Not only was this a time consuming process but it was a waste of toner and paper as well as storage space. Retrieving those printed file copies was also a huge challenge. In addition to these issues, the City of San Francisco has a “go-green” program which requests that businesses and organizations in the city adopt environmentally friendly practices that are sustainable, profitable and protect the environment. CCSF wanted to save money and be aligned with the City’s “go-green” program. CCSF decided to look for a better solution that was integrated with their current technology.

“CCSF wanted to save money and be aligned with the City’s “go-green” program.”

The Solution

CCSF selected the IntelleCheck payment processing solution from Evisions. CCSF has been an Evisions client and IntelleCheck user since June 2005. IntelleCheck is directly integrated with Banner Finance and Human Resource module and replaced the standard payment processes. This enabled CCSF to utilize blank secure check stock instead of costly pre-printed forms when having to print checks. The IntelleCheck solution streamlines and enhances the look of their printed and electronic checks as well as provides a better level of service to vendors, students, and employees. And not having printed blank checks made for a more secure solution.

In 2008, Evisions released IntelleCheck 3.0 which offered many new and improved features for users. IntelleCheck 3.0 is completely web based, offers scheduling and delivery for direct deposit advices, has integration with Higher One’s Refund Management solution for electronic refunds and provides the ability to create PDF copies of checks, as well as imaging integration. When CCSF heard about the new imaging integration feature, they contacted Evisions immediately hoping for a solution to their manual process of printing and sorting check copies.

The free upgrade to IntelleCheck 3.0 was an easy process and did not require many CCSF IT resources. Once upgraded, CCSF could take advantage of the PDF integration with Banner Document Management System (BDMS) / Xtender. This feature allowed CCSF to create PDF files of each of their check copies and allowed them to push those PDF files into their BDMS imaging tool.

Users can now simply log into their BDMS imaging solution and find the PDF copy of the check they are looking for with a simple electronic search. This capability has improved user satisfaction. This solution is 100% electronic and helps CCSF meet the “green” standards that the City of San Francisco has set. Less printing means less paper used. Fewer toner requirements translate into less plastic used.

CCSF has estimated that the new and inexpensive imaging integration module saves them over $100,000 a year in paper, toner and employee time. This significant savings is welcome in this tough economic climate and having the solution be “greener” is welcomed in this environmentally conscious times.

“This solution is 100% electronic and helps CCSF meet the “green” standards… CCSF has estimated that the new and inexpensive imaging integration module saves them over $100,000 a year in paper, toner and employee time.”

Kudos From the Client

“We wanted to align ourselves with the City of San Francisco’s “go-green” program and we knew that cutting down on our printing would assist with this alignment.”

Don Lind

Director Payroll Services, City College of San Francisco

“We estimate that we have saved over $100,000 a year in paper costs, toner costs and employee time with direct deposit, electronic copies of checks and integration with image solution.”

John Bilmont

Chief Financial Officer, City College of San Francisco

“IntelleCheck by Evisions enhances the look of our checks and allows us to have electronic versions of the checks that can be accessed by students and staff.”

Romy Lao

Principal Business Analyst

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