Let Us Share Our Expertise

Good products alone are not enough. That’s why our Professional Services department provides the technical expertise and training you need to get the most from your Evisions software. We’re not satisfied until you and your team are, so we work to continually improve our processes as well as our products to meet your particular needs.

Train Where You Work

Designed to be hands-on and highly interactive, Evisions offers on-site accelerated courses taught by our Professional Services experts.

Learn Online Live

Free web-based training sessions for Argos, FormFusion, IntelleCheck and MAPS are conducted live and designed for end-users.

Learn In Class

For a cost-effective way to train even just a single employee, accelerated courses are taught in an Evisions classroom by our Professional Services experts.

Training On Demand

Recorded versions of our online training sessions are also available for clients to download and view at their convenience.

Train On-Site

You’ll likely want to integrate your solutions as rapidly as possible. So, to help you get up to speed more quickly, Evisions offers comprehensive training services. Our on-site training workshops go in depth, introducing your team to the full range of product features while providing key team members with hands-on experience.

Depending on the needs of your institution, you can choose to train a core cadre of developers in report design and generation (Argos Basic and Advanced Training Packages). Evisions services packages are designed to quickly deliver cost-effective solutions to problem areas.

SQL for Argos

An introduction to select statements, OLAP Cubes, and charts for SQL novices.

6-Day Argos Training with Workshops

In-depth training on how to develop DataBlocks and write reports, plus use of advanced Argos modules, including OLAP, Charts, and API.

SQL Advanced Techniques

Covers SQL techniques, insert updates, and how to create functions for users with previous SQL knowledge.

3-Day Argos Training

An introduction to the basics of DataBlocks and report-building.

Get Training Online Live

Each of our online sessions is made more relevant by explaining product functionality as it relates to the role of each user. Although online sessions cannot be hands-on (by definition), they are conducted live and formatted to be convenient. Regardless of the user’s location, online training provides a forum where anyone can be trained and get questions answered. The goal is to enhance your experience with Evisions products by providing the necessary support.

Take a look at some of the training outlines for our online live training sessions. These will give you an idea of what is covered and who will benefit from training.

Evisions Classroom Training

Only need to train one or two users? There’s a cost-effective alternative to on-site training. Small groups can enroll in training workshops at an Evisions location. Attendees will gain an introduction to the full range of product features, while receiving hands-on experience.

Accelerated courses are taught by Evisions Professional Services experts and are designed to be hands-on and highly interactive. Classes are hosted throughout the year at our offices in Irvine, California and Portland, Oregon. Evisions classroom training presents a great opportunity for new or current users to interact with the Evisions team as well as fellow users. The experience and knowledge you bring back to your organization will be invaluable.

SQL for Argos

A three-day class covering Oracle SQL basics and how to create multi-form dashboards, interactive charts, and OLAPS.

Advanced SQL Techniques

A three-day class covering how to create custom functions and tables on the database using inserts, deletes, and updates.

DataBlock Designer & Report Writer Combination

The basics of DataBlock design and report writing, including multi-form dashboards, drill-through charts, OLAP, and datasets

Online Training On Demand

Our online training sessions are recorded to make them available for clients whose schedules don’t permit them to attend the live class. The recorded class presents the same material as the live session, only broken down into shorter segments. Recorded classes can be viewed at your own pace and convenience.

Argos On Demand Training

Report Viewer Training
Runtime: 39 minutes

Report Writer Training
Runtime: 1 hour 19 minutes

DataBlock Designer Training
Runtime: 1 hour 12 minutes

Argos Advanced Training
Runtime: 1 hour 11 minutes

Available in Spanish

Report Viewer:  Capacitación de Lector de Informes

Report Writer:  Capacitación de Redactor de Informes

DataBlock Designer: Capacitación de Disenador de DataBlock

Argos Advanced: Capacitación Avanzado de Argos

FormFusion On Demand Training
FormFusion 3.0 Introduction
Runtime: 42 minutes
FormFusion 3.0 Advanced
Runtime: 43 minutes
IntelleCheck On Demand Training

End User and Administrator
Runtime: 40 minutes

MAPS On Demand Training

MAPS Administrator Training
Runtime: 50 minutes

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