A client told me not too long ago about how she was wondering to her IT folks, ‘How in the world are we going to get data out of Cayuse SP (aka SP) to report on?’.  Her IT looked at her and basically said, ‘We have Cayuse SP Data Connect.  You have all this data at your fingertips.  You’re in the candy store.

The client was shocked.  She knew that they had Cayuse SP Data Connect, but she didn’t realize that she had access to so much data.

She had never known such power.

I’m in the store, now what? 

The great thing about being in a candy store when you really want candy is that you have so many choices.  The terrifying thing about being in a candy store when you really want candy is that you have so many choices.

Don’t be afraid.  Go on.  Open the door to the candy store, i.e., Cayuse SP Data Connect. 

Hello…Anybody here?

This is where your IT comes in.  Think of your IT as the person behind the counter who can help you put the candy that you want in the right bags, like putting the chocolate candy (proposal data) in this bag (proposal report) and the gummy candy (award data) in this other bag (award report).

If your IT can help you, you can create the custom reports you need with the help of your IT, just grabbing the data you want from SP Data Connect.

But I am a self-service kind of person…and I just want to grab and go!

If you want self-service and you want some pre-packaged bags of candy, i.e., pre-packaged reports, you might want to look at the shelf with the five pre-packaged bags of candy, i.e., our Standard Reports, that have been packed for you, ready to go.  The flavors are Project Summary, Proposal Summary, Award Summary, Person Effort, and Subcontractors.  To purchase the bags, all you have to do is call us and we will place those bags on the shelf for you.  Then, any time you want any one of those bags, you can grab it yourself.  24/7.  No waiting.

Those are nice, but I want more!

If you like the five pre-packaged bags, but you want a few pieces of additional candy added to the bags, no problem!  This group of five bags of candy is your tailored set, i.e., Standard Reports Plus.  To purchase this set of bags, all you have to do is call us.  You tell us what pieces of candy you want and we will add them to the bags, then we will place them on the shelf for you to grab any time, any day you want. 

I want to grab the candy I want!

If you want to start with completely empty bags and want us to put together custom bags of candy, i.e., Custom Reports, we can do that, too!  To purchase your special, totally custom bags of candy, just call us and we will put those together with you.  They will be ready for you any time you want them on your shelf.

Can I get a bow with that?

Now that you have your bags of candy, you’ll want to share them with people.  Great!

The bags will be simple, plastic bags, i.e., Excel spreadsheets, but you can gussy them up by adding a bow, i.e., your logo, or placing your candy in pretty boxes, i.e., charts or pivot tables.  It’s totally up to you.  Or, if your IT can help you make the reports look pretty, this would be a great time to ask for their assistance.

Your own candy store

Before you know it, you will be ready to open your own candy store, offering your special bags of candy online to folks at your institution.

A great example of this is Illinois State University’s candy store, i.e., reporting website,  http://research.illinoisstate.edu/reporting/request/.  Here, ISU’s Research and Sponsored Programs office provides their people with a wide array of options with easy online access and an easy way to request their own bag of candy, i.e., report.

So, don’t be afraid of the candy store.  It is a wondrous place.  And, if you need help, just ask.

Now, who wants some candy?


Carrie Yakura

Carrie Yakura

Research Suite Implementation Consultant at Evisions
Carrie Yakura is a Research Suite Implementation Consultant based in the San Francisco Bay Area.Prior to joining Evisions in 2014, Carrie worked at Stanford University in the Office of Sponsored Research and at the University of California, San Francisco in the Office of Sponsored Research and the Department of Neurology. At UCSF, Carrie used all aspects of Cayuse 424 to build, review, and submit federal proposals. With her years of research administration experience, Carrie enjoys working with Evisions clients to improve business process efficiency with the Research Suite modules. Carrie has a BA in Arts Education and enjoys painting in her free time.
Carrie Yakura
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