Argos Kickstarter (Basic)

This 3-day remote training is ideal for brand new or novice Argos users, and those looking for a refresher. It is a hands-on class covering how to design basic DataBlocks and write reports to meet operational reporting needs.


Audience Requirements:

Intermediate knowledge of Banner, and an understanding of query logic or basic SQL.

Attendees will also need:

  • Strong internet connection
  • Dual monitors
  • Headset (for better audio and interaction)
  • Once registered, print out all materials sent by trainer

Does NOT Cover:

This class will not teach analytical reporting (OLAP cubes and charts.)


Argos Kickstarter Training is conducted remotely over three days. The general agenda is as follows:

DataBlock Designer Training

Days 1 – 2
(4 hours each day, 12:00-4:00pm ET)

In this hands-on training, we will show the basics of building a DataBlock dashboard and report query. Topics covered:

  • DataBlock creation
  • Dashboard variables
  • Writing SQL using the Visual Designer
  • Using and updating the Data Dictionary
  • Object level security
  • Scheduling reports
  • Library of Objects

Report Writer Training

Day 3
(4 hours, 12:00-4:00pm ET)

In this hands-on training, we will show the attendees how to build and modify CSV, Extract, Crosstab, and Banded reports. Topics Covered:

  • Creating each report type (CSV, Extract, Banded)
  • Expressions
  • Sorting & filtering
  • Library of Objects
  • Scheduling Reports

Pricing, Upcoming Schedule & Sign-up

For pricing, and to sign up for training, please click on the dates below.
(This remote training has limited capacity, and seats are available first come, first served.)


For additional information, or if you have questions about this training, please contact Jaclyn Tocco, Evisions Account Representative.