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Cayuse 424 by Evisions
Cayuse 424 is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution delivered over a secure browser connection, which can be quickly deployed in six weeks or less. Offering full support for over 98% of opportunities on, Cayuse 424 is used to submit 15,000+ proposals every year — with a first-time submission success rate of 99.99%.

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Full Support for

System-to-system (S2S) submission for grants posted by NIH, NSF, AHRQ, CDC, NIFA, ONR, and other federal agencies, with full support for over 98% of opportunities.

99% First-Time Submission Success

Get submissions right the first time with the Cayuse 424’s advanced validation engine, which delivers over 1,500 real-time error checks for a 99% first-time success rate.

Real-Time Budget Access

Create budgets online for federal and non-federal proposals and gain real-time access to budget information without emailing documents. Features include auto-escalations for future budget periods and auto-calculations.

Streamline Multi-Project Proposals

Improve efficiency by streamlining the process of creating, reviewing, and submitting complex grants with an unlimited number of components.


Seamless Data Sharing

Simplify research administration by seamlessly sharing data between the Evisions Research Suite and your existing institutional business applications and eRA systems.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Delivered over a secure browser connection for accessibility anywhere at anytime, the system can be deployed to proposal developers and administrators in six weeks or less with minimal IT involvement.

Quick deployment in 6 weeks or less over secure browser connection


Full support for over 98% of opportunities on


First-time submission success rate

Over 15,000 proposals submitted through Cayuse 424 each year

Submit Successfully

Make sure your submissions to and the sponsoring agency are received successfully on the first attempt. Cayuse 424 features an Advanced Validation Engine that ensures a 99.99% first-time success rate for all system-to-system submissions. During proposal development, the system performs real-time error checks for agency- and opportunity-specific rules, validations, and other business rules. Users can zoom in on specific warnings to help resolve issues quickly and submit error-free proposals every time.

Reduce Repetition

Eliminate as much data entry as possible and improve accuracy with Cayuse 424 Auto-Fill. The feature stores institutional and personnel data directly in the system, so that when a proposal is created, much of the information is pre-populated within the proposal or auto-filled from drop-down menus. Auto-population data can include biographical information, department and institutional information (such as DUNS # and addresses), plus rate and salary information for ease in budget creation.

Subaward Automation Improves Accuracy

Eliminate the difficulty of manually folding a subaward proposal and budget into a prime proposal. Just use the Import Subaward feature. Any changes made to a Subaward automatically get carried forward to the prime proposal. Automation offers greater assurance of accuracy when developing complex proposals that include one or more subawards.

Connect Critical Data in Real Time to External Systems

Improve research efficiency, data accuracy, and compliance throughout the entire research project life cycle. Cayuse 424 APIs simplify post-award management, creating a bi-directional data exchange of proposal information with existing eRA systems. Cayuse Connect modules maintain a single, accurate version of your most important data by integrating Cayuse 424 with institutional business applications.

API Connect provide easy integration into post-award systems, preserving the value of your investment and reducing administrative tasks. With bi-directional data exchange of proposal information with existing eRA systems, you can maintain capital expenses and expedite S2S submissions to federal funding agencies.

Cayuse Connect modules – Finance Connect, HR Connect, Data Connect, and SSO Connect – provide integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Data Warehouse and Authentication systems, improving efficiency, data accuracy, and compliance throughout the entire project life cycle.

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Easy Access to Proposal Budgets

Create budgets online for federal and non-federal proposals with Cayuse 424. Your research team has real-time access to budget information in a single system, without the need for additional tools and spreadsheets. With proposal and budgeting information available in a single place, research administrators can keep better track of components for easy reference and improved accuracy.

Convenient Storage

All proposal-related files can be stored within Cayuse 424. Easily attach documentation for a specific project when submitting required files to The Cayuse 424 document storage area lets users store all source documents (e.g. the Word version of the PDF) and provides secure access to supporting files so they’re available from any location at any time. Such access allows users to easily create a PDF of a full proposal, or print the complete proposal and accompanying documentation/attachments. In this way, all aspects of a proposal can be viewed or routed.

Resubmit Without Duplicating Entries

Repurpose large amounts of proposal information quickly and easily with the Copy/Transform function. All it takes is a button click to eliminate duplicate data entry and save you time.

Copy an entire proposal for re-submission without duplicating data. Quickly turn revised proposals to meet each funding cycle deadline.

Transform a proposal from one opportunity to another by transferring existing data to a different opportunity, or a new version of the same opportunity, including any information or forms that remain the same. Repurposing information from one opportunity to another allows institutions to increase their number of proposal submissions.


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“Cayuse424 is simply the best, most intuitive proposal preparation software available. I do essentially no training for PIs. Rarely do we encounter an announcement that is unavailable through Cayuse 424.”

Bill Caskey

Director of Sponsored Research, Texas Biomedical Research Institute

“Compared to submission through it is a dream and next to FastLane the best portal for submission I’ve seen. The features for transforming proposals make it easy on PIs, the built in error warning bar gives confidence that last minute submissions will make it through.”

Mary Hensel

Office of Research Development, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

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