Now that you have been formally introduced to the “Sponsored Projects Reporting Packages,” you may be feeling a little overwhelmed…I am here to help!

To start, I’m going to state the obvious: You have data and there are people that want this data. Good news for you, though. Essentially, if you have Cayuse SP and Cayuse SP Data Connect, you have the keys to success.

With that said, I think we can agree that gathering/presenting that data can be a challenge. It is especially challenging when you don’t have dedicated resources. But that’s OK. As I said earlier, you have the keys to success, so now you just need to decide which door to open. That’s where we come in.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s look at what we have for you:

Behind door #1, the sophisticated, stylish “Standard Reports”. Perfect for the organization looking for quick and easy access to comprehensive reports that capture the basic industry standard data for proposals, awards, projects, person effort and subcontractors at a moment’s notice.

Behind door #2 we have, “Standard Reports Plus”. The name says it all folks! It is everything we have behind door #1 PLUS a little something extra. This is for the organization that needs a little more than the basics but is without the time or resources to develop the report themselves. For example, a group that needs to track a new institutional initiative. If that sounds like your institution… we’ve got you covered.

And behind door #3, “Custom Reports”, is for the organization that is looking to take reporting to the next level. This option comes with the five Standard Reports as well as a dedicated resource to help design and develop the not so standard reports. Imagine creating new reports that are specific to your institutional needs from the ground up.

At the end of the day, all of these options were created to help Cayuse SP users get the most out of Cayuse SP and SP Data connect. Still unsure of whether these will work for you? Get in touch with a member of our team and we’ll answer any questions you may have. You support others. We support you.

For an in-depth look at the new reporting packages for Cayuse SP and SP Data Connect, check out a recording of our webinar below.

Bethany Northquist

Bethany Northquist

Bethany Northquist is a Research Suite Implementation Consultant. When she is not traveling she works out of her home office in Mukilteo, Washington. Before joining the Evisions team in September 2014 Bethany worked in Research Administration. Over the course of her 5 years in the industry she assisted faculty and staff on many levels. Her experience includes, but is not limited to, proposal development, pre- and post- award management, compliance and process improvement. Bethany received a degree in Psychology from Gonzaga University and holds certificates in both Lean Six Sigma and Change Management.
Bethany Northquist
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