Last week, the Evisions team was delighted to spend a couple of days in Portland, Oregon, with a group of enthusiastic Argos and Research Suite users for the Evisions Summer Conference. The event spanned two days, packed with informative sessions, impromptu brainstorming and a healthy dose of summer sunshine. The program comprised two separate tracks: one for Argos and one for the Research Suite.

From what I heard, chatting with other attendees at mealtimes, the Argos sessions were engaging and practical. They focused on helping users advance their technical skills with Argos’ advanced features. For my part, I spent the conference cloistered in the Research Suite sessions, furiously taking notes. The research track balanced technical sessions with more informal panel discussions, the latter of which tackled all manner of challenges that research administrators face.

It’s always hard to know what to expect from a conference, in advance. There’s only so much that session descriptions can tell you. But from where I was sitting, the most exciting aspect of the Evisions Summer Conference was watching 50+ research administrators interact with each other, building up the Research Suite community, right before our eyes.

In both the panel discussions and the unstructured time between sessions, I heard attendees share success stories and commiserate over particularly thorny proposal submissions. Every institution used the products in a different way, structured their user roles and permissions differently and brought a different perspective to the discussion. Our presenters definitely shared a lot of valuable insights about using the Research Suite, but I think we learned just as much from the attendees as they did from us.

If you were thinking about attending the conference this year but decided not to, I definitely encourage you to join us next year. For all of you who attended last week, either in the Argos or the Research Suite track, thank you so much for coming and for everything you give back to our user community. We couldn’t do this without you!

What other sessions would you like to see as part of next year’s conference? Give us your feedback in the comments section below!

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