Will Jeong

Head of Product Success

Will Jeong

Whiteboard Wizard

Will, better known around the Evisions digs as the Whiteboard Wizard, started his career early on by embracing his entrepreneurial spirit and marking up whiteboards at several startups while in school. He took his passion for technology, his ambition to solve problems, his back pocket full of varying colors of Expo pens, and his desire to #GSD to a variety of industries from social media to consumer electronics.

After meeting his wife, a teacher, he realized a strong desire to apply his technical skills to the compelling world of education, which then led him to Evisions. Initially as a developer on the MAPS team and now as the Head of Product Success, the Whiteboard Wizard relentlessly builds software that leads customers down a well-drawn out path of success.

Will earned his Bachelor of Science in computer science from UC Irvine. When he’s not in front of a computer or making graphs on a whiteboard, he enjoys spending time outside near the beach with his wife and two boys.