Rick Vigilis

Head of Product & Development Success

Rick Vigilis

The Play Maker

The Play Maker, also known as Rick Vigilis, is the Head of Product & Development Success at Evisions. Rick loves researching, designing, iterating, and building software solutions that solve real problems for clients. He’s spent the majority of his career in the SaaS industry, gaining experiences in a variety of areas such as professional services, sales engineering, alliance management, and product management.

Rick was an early employee of Taleo, one of the most successful 1st generation SaaS companies, and most recently led a global product and engineering team to build the first enterprise recruiting solution on the Salesforce platform. This play maker is an avid believer and practitioner of the jobs to be done framework.

Outside of being Evisions’ awesome Head of Product and Partner Success, Rick’s primary function by day, he has many other roles. These include being a husband, a father, a baseball and basketball coach, and an overall weekend warrior. To top it all off, Rick has a BA from Roanoke College and MA from Brooklyn College.