Noah Mithrush

Head of Marketing Success

Noah Mithrush

The Gif Giver

After kickstarting her career with Nanotips, Inc., a Vancouver B2C startup company, Noah quickly found her passion for marketing. She then dove head first into her marketing career, and the world of B2B software, with industry leading organizations and some of Canada’s top native tech companies.

From PerfectMind’s global enterprise management software to Hootsuite’s industry-leading social marketing platform, she fell victim to the addictions of the fast-paced environment and development of cutting-edge marketing strategies.

Noah holds a BBA in Marketing from the University of North Dakota, where she managed to survive winters of -40° F and learned how to spread cheer by giving amazing gifs.

In her free time, she enjoys soaking up the California sun by getting outdoors and surfing, playing tennis, and hiking, among other activities. The Gif Giver is also looking to give back in other ways, as she works towards becoming a certified yoga instructor.