Cayuse is Evisions, and the Evisions Research Suite is your key to simple, fast and successful grants … and so much more! By streamlining sponsored project lifecycle management from proposal to award to close-out, the Evisions Research Suite improves the performance of your team and helps you meet institutional goals. The 100% cloud-based solution has satisfied the needs of research administrators for more than two decades…

Improving uptime with greater than 99% availability

Eliminating hardware infrastructure costs and capital expenses

Freeing your IT staff from ongoing maintenance, backups and disaster recovery

And now, the Evisions Research Suite delivers the ultimate in information security and data privacy with ISO 27001 certification – the only eRA provider to do so.

The fastest way to create accurate subawards is only a click away, where collaboration and data sharing between prime proposal creators and subcontractors is easy with automated budgeting features, error-correction and much, much more.

From proposal creation in Cayuse 424 to complete sponsored lifecycle management in Cayuse SP, the Evisions Research Suite features industry best-practice that simplify processes, mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

You support others. We support you.
That’s the Evisions Way